10 July 2008

more bad judgement by ninth judicial district court judge thomas yeager?

jesse ray beard
the gannett/town talk is reporting (see link) that ninth judicial district court judge thomas yeager has released so called 'jena 6' defendant jesse ray beard "from house arrest for the summer."
Beard's attorney, David Utter, said Beard will be taking part in a summer program in Bedford, N.Y., aimed at preparing him for his junior year of high school. While in Bedford, he'll stay with attorney Alan Howard and his family, take a correspondence English course required for him to enter his junior year, adhere to a strict training program to prepare him for football season, work at Howard's law firm -- Dewey and Lebeuf -- as an intern, attend church and participate in a local high school's football camp.
Utter said Beard has been on house arrest for 16 months for previous juvenile adjudications and for alleged probation violations. He has been allowed to leave his home only for church on Sunday.

Beard was adjudicated last year on three charges -- simple battery, simple assault and simple criminal damage to property-- stemming from as far back as April 2005, when he was 14. One of the incidents involved Beard and a group of friends throwing rocks at a man.
Yeager said "it's not real refreshing to see his school record here," and Utter acknowledged the issues, saying Beard wasn't being painted as a "model citizen" but needed a change of scenery, positive role models and proper supervision.

The only way to determine if Beard really wanted to change was to let him go, Yeager said.
in the summer of 1998, although he didnt have to and was asked not to - judge yeager chose to release from jail kenneth redwine a man who had a long arrest record.

kenneth redwine's wife phyllis after undergoing years of his abuse had finally mustered the courage to leave him and had or was in the process of filing for divorce when redwine on thursday 20 august 1998 lured her back to his home and shot her dead.

the below video is from kalb's 6:00 and 10:00 pm news casts of friday 21 august 1998.