17 July 2008

another person gets wise to the crime gang running woodworth, la.

woodworth, louisiana operates exactly like the old time highwaymen who pounced on travelers in medieval europe; lots of people, like ms. tracy, complain about woodworth's activities. unfortunately, what the complainers fail to understand, is that if we had honest and respectable people in the rapides parish district attorney's office or the rapides parish sheriff's office or the louisiana state police or the louisiana attorney general office or the state legislature, woodworth would have been investigated, dealt with and stopped long ago.

and what does this say about ms. tracy who admits that she has heard for at least 22 years about the way others have been mistreated by woodworth yet did nothing about it until her family and her were victims?

I have lived in Forest Hill for the last 22 years, and I have always heard bad stories about the town of Woodworth. Now, I know firsthand the trauma brought on from this small town.

My husband was on his way to work a few weeks ago and was stopped because a Woodworth police officer told him he didn't have insurance, asked how he could say that when he knew he did. The officer told him it was technology.

Even after I got there, right up the road, the officer told me they were going to tow the truck for no insurance. I told him it did have insurance and I had the card to prove it. He said the card makes no difference because his computer says it didn't.

Well, then I went to my insurance agent and was told of course you have insurance and then to the DMV office where I was told they don't know where Woodworth got their information because there was no flag on his license for insurance.

So I go to Woodworth again, after missing work to take care of this problem, and was told that I would have to pay a $30 paper fee.

I gave them all the information from the insurance and the DMV which showed yes indeed we did have insurance, but I still had to pay $175 to get my truck out of tow, even though it was towed unlawfully.

When I asked to have a copy of the paper Woodworth said they had that showed no insurance on the truck I was told that was the property of Woodworth.

How do they always get away with this kind of treatment to people?

Diane Tracy

Forest Hill
"the rule of law is nothing more than the rule of the bandits who have control of the law" ~ eustace mullins
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