14 July 2008

H.R.3320 rodney alexander, charles boustany, wm. jefferson, charlie melancon vote to send $5 million dollars (borrowed from china) to a polish museum

why are republicans voting to send millions of dollars to poland for a museum? notice how every single louisiana republican voted for this bill. do you think that the louisiana media or moon griffon, the clowns on ksyl and the states other rethuglican shills, like, oh, say the nutty professor for one, will confront any of these criminals to hold them accountable and ask them just what the hell they are doing by this?

do you think la gop chairman roger villere will be issuing any press releases chiding the state republicans over their making a mockery of the party's platform? dont hold your breath.

these cretins: richard hugh baker, piyush "bobby" jindal and jim mccrery
wont be back in the next congress but they all voted for it too - see house roll call vote 1088 from 14 november 2007.

if you're a republican how can you ever vote for any of these criminals ever again? they are making a fool out of you over and over. do you like being made a fool out of?

what they are doing is criminal - you can call it embezzlement, money laundering, theft by deception or whatever. the united states government is trillions and trillions of dollars in the hole and they are borrowing money from our "enemies" to send it to the other side of the world.

H.R.3320 from thomas.loc
see also
GovTrack.us. H.R. 3320--110th Congress (2007): Support for the Museum of the History of Polish Jews Act of 2007, GovTrack.us (database of federal legislation) (accessed Jul 14, 2008)