19 July 2008

hb1153 dopey rino chris hazel's ignorant 'body armor' bill makes daily rotten

yes once again louisianaians ignorance laid bare on one of the highest trafficked websites on the web for all the world to see. gee thanks district 27 representative chris hazel and louisiana legislature and piyush "bobby" jindal.

a smattering of comments: (more at link)

From: purevenom
Date: 18-Jul-2008 17:34

So the logic in Louisiana is to attack the consequence, not that which causes problems. So, when people come down with a cold in Louisiana, would they chop off their noses to stop them from running?
From: sharkman69 [Me]
Date: 18-Jul-2008 18:46

That makes as much sense as banning Kleenex in order to fight colds. But what else would you expect from a state that built their biggest city below sea level on the coast?
From: traumaphiliac [traumaphiliac]
Date: 18-Jul-2008 19:17

I live about 1 hour from baton rouge and I can tell you from first hand knowledge that the people who live here are mostly fucktards. Still, at least it's not alabama.
From: aulduron [Aulduron]
Date: 18-Jul-2008 19:53

I've spent a lot of time in Louisiana, and Alabama. I'd much rather live in Alabama.