24 July 2008

alexandria city council passes hotel bentley resolution

the never ending saga that is the historic downtown alexandria, la. hotel bentley continues. today in a special city council meeting, the alexandria city council approved a resolution in which the city council, amongst other things, strongly endorsed the central louisiana chamber of commerce's executive board entering into discussion and consultation with the second century bentley group [second century bentley, l.l.c. who's manager and member is cyntreniks hospitality company, l.l.c. who's manager is brace b. godfrey, jr. - nu vieux, l.l.c. is also a member] for the establishment of a public/private collaborative to facilitate the group's effort to restore, renovate and reopen the historic hotel bentley.


heres the video of the meeting - no clue why the video is "narrow" like this.
click here to download the resolution three page .pdf
what no one in the media is asking or reporting on, is why the city council is suddenly abandoning mayor roy's sparc scheme which we understood included plans for the bentley.

councilman chuck fowler voted against the resolution and councilman charles fredrick smith was absent. councilmen myron lawson, roosevelt johnson, everett hobbs, harry silver and louis marshall voted yes.