21 July 2008

central la politics blog continues to falsely accuse sen. yvonne dorsey of authoring sb672 - the legislative pay raise fraud bill!

central la politics blog, a blog with a long and sordid history of persecuting certain select black politicians specifically and mocking black people in general, whilst serving as an attack dog against other blogs, including wst... when we expose, usually by happenstance, the shady goings on of its white political and business cronies, continues to promote the falsehood that louisiana state senator yvonne dorsey is the author of senate bill no. 672 - the massive legislative pay raise fraud bill.

on tuesday 15 july 2008 central la politics posted as a fact "sen. yvonne dorsey, the same one who came up with the pay raise bill..." screen grab.

again today central la politics reinforces its lie about senator dorsey within its vituperatively captioned post 'sen. yvonne dorsey: is she ignorant, just plain shady, or both?' "...this year it was the since vetoed legislative pay raise bill, which she authored. she was highly critical of the governor's veto of her pay raise bill..." screen grab.

yet a simple google search of central la politics blog for its postings on sb672 reveals many, many posts and a lot of its posts also contain video.

therefore, its absurd to think that central la politics continuous harping that senator yvonne dorsey authored sb672 is some kind of mistake
when in fact central la politics own posts show that sb672 was authored by none other than senator ann duplessis. moreover, senator yvonne dorsey was not even a coauthor.

yesterday on his radio program jim brown promoted central la politics blog announcing over the air that it was one of the most widely read political blogs in the state. if that is indeed the case, one has to wonder who central la politics blog is working for and with and just what is it getting out of the deal by using its status to intentionally promote false information, whilst attacking others and what else is central la politics blog lying about?

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