09 July 2008

"dr." bill cassidy is a quack and should not be elected to congress from louisiana's sixth congressional district

"dr." cassidy's support of corrupt lake charles democrat, willie landry mount's sb312 the mandatory drinking water fluoridation bill, shows that he is unfit for his present office of louisiana state senator and that "dr." cassidy is in fact unfit for any office of public trust.

here is how a real medical doctor who happens to be a state legislator and a republican acts to protect his constituents when confronted with water fluoridation:

as you can see there is no comparison between louisiana's quack "dr" bill cassidy and tennesse state representative joey hensley m.d.

click here or here to download an .mp4 copy of this video 4.7mb
50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation
by Paul Connett, PhD
Professor of Chemistry
St. Lawrence University
Canton, NY 13617

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