12 July 2008

actual conservative andrew clack for louisiana's fifth congressional district

the current congressman from louisiana's fifth congressional district, rodney alexander is a fraud and a sham. he is no more conservative or adheres to conservative and republican party principals or ideals than nancy pelosi. dont take our word for it -- rodney alexander's voting record reflects this. if anyone would bother to research it. this fall, please vote for andrew clack and lets send rodney alexander back to the private sector where he can, hopefully do the least amount of damage.

Actual Conservative Andrew Clack

for Louisiana's 5th Congressional District

Andrew Clack was born in Ouachita Parish, was raised in Richland Parish, and currently resides about fifteen miles north of Rayville, just east of the Morehouse/Richland line. He attended Rayville High School and then The University of Louisiana at Monroe, where he obtained a Bachelor of Pure and Applied Science, Majoring in Construction Management while Minoring in Business Administration. He graduated with a Major GPA of 3.89 and an Overall GPA of 3.84.


Although Andrew Clack is a registered Republican (lifelong), he, his family, and his friends have all stopped donating money to the aforementioned Party. This is because the Republicans have recently decided to abandon the Principles of Conservatism; the Republicans have decided to put loyalty to the Party above the principles that coalesced them together in the first place.

Andrew Clack is running for Congress for the same reasons that he is abstaining from donating money – The Republican Party is moving toward the Left, and no one will stop it. A perfect example of this Philosophical Peripateticism is the endorsement of John Kennedy (A Lifelong Democrat and Radical Leftist who only became a Republican this year) by John McCain, President Bush, and, most importantly, Rodney Alexander. It does not matter what political Party an individual belongs to – it is their Political Philosophy that counts. Sadly, too few Republicans agree with this sentiment.

Andrew Clack believes that his role as Representative for District 5 will be to provide opposition to Democrats and Wayward Republicans while supporting legislation that reduces the size and scope of the Government. He supports Reducing Taxes, Eliminating Welfare Programs, Closing the Border, Supporting English as the Official Language, Allowing Companies to Drill Offshore and in ANWR, Preventing “Global Warming” Legislation, Allowing Oil Companies to Build Refineries, Opposing the Kyoto Protocol, the Construction of Nuclear Power Plants, Eliminating Gun Control Regulations, and Fighting Alongside the Few Remaining Conservatives in Congress in their Bid to Advance the Greatness of Our Nation. Conservatives need a voice – Andrew Clack will provide it. ~ read more