09 July 2008

H.R. 6304 barky obama and katrina mary landrieu snellings vote for bush and his fisa and telecom immunity

click picture to enlargesenate roll call #167 - 09 july 2008
bad news today for the state dum-o-crats. both their messiah barky obama and katrina mary scamdrieu landrieu snellings sided with chimpenfuhrer. katrina mary has been george dubya bush's whore for a long-time. in fact with all the influence peddling scams and other corruption katrina mary has been linked to, its highly likely that she is being blackmailed and it that is indeed the case then what good is she to us?

as for barky obama, despite previously promising to vote against H.R. 6304 and even to help filibuster it -- what does barky do -- he turns around and votes for it. we bet his supporters are feeling pretty foolish right about now. but what can they expect from someone who enjoys hitting the crack pipe whilst being fellated by another man? theres no telling what else they have on him in to blackmail and control him with.

oh and by the way, hillary clinton voted against H.R. 6304.

this fall help flush katrina mary back to the new orleans sewer to slither around where she belongs. remember no authentic democrat would support katrina mary and now after todays vote barky obama either -- all that you will see supporting these rats (and don cazayoux too) will be political hacks and operatives as well as the naive and mentally defective.

here is a video interview with daniel ellsberg, famous for releasing the pentagon papers to the new york times in 1971. his actions are often credited with helping end not only the nixon presidency but also the vietnam war. he consulted for the kennedy administration after receiving a phd. from harvard in economics and served in the pentagon under secretary of defense robert mcnamara. ~ source link
this video was made sunday 06 july 2008 when people were being urged to contact their senators to vote no to H.R.6304.