21 July 2008

black monday for downtown alexandria, la.

gannett/town talk excerpt:
The AT&T building at the corner of Murray and Ninth in Alexandria, La. has been evacuated after 4,300 gallons of diesel fuel spilled inside the building over the weekend -- a spill that could cause environmental concerns down the road.

Authorities have shut down two city blocks surrounding the building and have warned residents not to venture into the area or to drive by it, for fear that a car's ignition could ignite the fuel, which has coated the inside of the building and pooled outside in the storm drains. Residents also have been warned not to smoke downtown and to take extra precautions if they smell diesel fumes. ~ read more

video no. 1 alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy
download this video for free from from the town talk website here

video no. 2 press conference
download this video for free from the town talk website here
press conference
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