25 July 2008

john "marty" thiels southpark station post office dedication set for sunday 27 july 2008

shortly after 2:00 pm on thursday 04 october 2007, united states postman, letter-carrier john martin "marty" thiels was delivering the mail to his route. mr. thiels last delivery was to the desk of andrea price at 831 washington street in downtown alexandria, louisiana.

mr. thiels was shot and killed along with camille joseph "joey" giordano ii, by an alexandrian named john charles ashley. according to the police report [pdf] mr. ashley was at the giordano & giordano law office that day because he said that he wanted seven hundred dollars cash. the police report doesnt say why mr. ashley wanted seven hundred dollars cash. however, klax-tv reported that mr. ashley was "a disgruntled client of sixty year old camille giordano who had agreed to refund his fee to ashley, but ashley demanded cash apparently thats when ashley took out a handgun and started shooting..."

mr. thiels died that day simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time as was mr. "joey" giordano who
wasnt an attorney at that firm and was there to visit with his father and uncle. mr. giordano had recently been commissioned an assistant district attorney in and for rapides parish, louisiana.

on 31 october 2007, louisiana's junior united states senator, david vitter introduced his S.2272
A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service known as the Southpark Station in Alexandria, Louisiana, as the John "Marty" Thiels Southpark Station, in honor and memory of Thiels, a Louisiana postal worker who was killed in the line of duty on October 4, 2007.
louisiana's senior united states senator, mary landrieu cosponsored S.2272.

on 15 november 2007, S.2272 passed the senate by unanimous consent.
on 28 february 2008, S.2272 passed the house. see house roll call #85.
see also the remarks of mr. davis of illinois and ms. foxx of north carolina three page .pdf
on 12 march 2008, the president of the united states, george w. bush, signed S.2272 into law as public law 110-195. click here to download a one page .pdf of public law 110-195.

at two o'clock p.m.on sunday 27 july 2008 you are invited to attend the formal dedication of the john "marty" thiels southpark station.

UPDATED with video 10:45 pm cdt sunday 27 july 2008

john "marty" thiels southpark station
3401 government street
alexandria, louisiana