08 July 2008

REDFLEX SCAM: arizona notary's commission revoked

wst... is in receipt of the following email from phil abshire:

All – Remember the story, when a complaint was filed with the Arizona Secretary of State by Mark Abshire. A notarized affidavit for the SafeSpeed Van operator was submitted by Tony Tramel in lieu of the van operator’s appearance. The document was notarized out of state, in Arizona by Cheryl A. Krough on the same day the operator was in Lafayette. Click here to download .pdf.

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The results are that the Arizona Secretary of State has immediately revoked the notary’s commission:
click here to download four page .pdf
Mark would like to share this statement with the media and LCG –

Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. has been operating since 1997 and has contracts in over 200 U.S cities across 20 states; yet they cannot accomplish the simple task of properly notarizing a legal document for use in a civil proceeding. Either Redflex is incompetent or they along with Lafayette Consolidated Government has willfully duped Lafayette citizens into paying fines by using illegal and unethical practices.

The use of an out-of-state notary to "rubber stamp" documentation used in Louisiana civil proceedings violates laws in both the States of Arizona and Louisiana. As a result, an Arizona Notary employed by Redflex has been investigated by the Arizona Attorney General. Her notary commission has been immediately evoked in a decision by the Arizona Secretary of State on July, 3rd 2008.

Because this practice was not challenged until the end of March, 2008; all fines collected by Redflex in Lafayette, Louisiana in 2007 and 2008 that were illegally notarized in Arizona should be voided. Restitution by refunding fines to the affected individual citizens of Lafayette, Louisiana should be made immediately as it is unethical and unconscionable to collect fines by violating the laws of due process.

Mark Abshire

It gives me great pleasure to be the one to share this news.

Concerned citizen and Valiant Lafayetteer,

Phil Abshire
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