01 July 2008

hallmark.exe e-card scam

we just received a new email scam masquerading as a hallmark.com e-card.

as you can see the (forged) email address appears to be from hallmark.com and has the subject line: "You've received A Hallmark E-Card!"

click picture to enlarge
however, when you mouse over the hyperlink ("To see it, click, here") in the card and look down at your status bar you notice that the hyperlink doesnt go to the hallmark.com website and the end of the url shows that its a direct link to a .exe file which will be downloaded into your computer to do who knows what.

the spammers/hackers are clever in that they end the url with hallmark.exe as most people will just look at the end of the url instead of the domain name at the front [www.pariupenet.com]. also in the body of the email they mispelt received -- recieved.
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