12 July 2008

a referendum petition for the beverly hills, ca. city council

heres an interesting story we've been following. several months ago the beverly hills, california city council by a 3 - 2 vote in resolution no. 08-R-12601, overrode the city planning department's unanimous decision and approved a massive expansion of the beverly hilton hotel.

the residents of beverly hills were outraged they wrote that "the massive nature of the proposed hilton hotel expansion, with its oppressive unseemly three 150 ft. towers, substantial parking deficits, 5 to 7 years of construction, serious adverse environmental impacts and concomitant destination gridlock traffic, is vigorously opposed by most residents."

they formed 'the citizens right to decide committee' and set out to gather signatures for a referendum petition.

according to the city clerk's certification that there are sufficient signatures on a referendum petition, the number of registered voters in beverly hills numbered 20,747 and between 30 april and 29 may 2008 the citizens right to decide committee gathered 2,574 valid signatures, this was 499 more than the 10% required (2,075) to force the issue onto the ballot.

section 9241 elections code of the state of california, gives the city council the choice of repealing the ordinance or calling an election. that is what the city council met to consider on 08 july 2008.

around 8:43 seconds into the video, a guy named tom roberts talks about and gives examples of all the deceit involved in the proposal and has some pointed questions for the council "when you people vote, what do you know, what do you really know?" which makes the beverly hills city council seem more like common louisiana politicians.