14 July 2008

larry sinclair's new blog

larry sinclair is the minnesota man who alleges several november 1999 drugs and same sex encounters with barack obama.
We are now on a non-Wordpress server so WP can no longer harass and hassle this blog at the request and behest of Obama for America or the Obama Blogonuts.

It is time for Barack Obama and his supporters to face and acknowledge the truth. Instead Obama by and through his supporters and surrogates continue to publish outright lies to attempt to discredit me.

Ladies and Gentleman, the most damning effort to date of this attempt by Obama by and through his supporters/surrogates will become crystal clear in the next couple of days. You will find that recently pro-Obama Blogonuts have made claims to have statements from the Limo driver, with said driver claiming to have picked me up in the Gurnee hotel. These same Obama Blogonuts in the same breath claim that I was never at the Gurnee, IL to begin with despite the fact that Choice Hotels Corporate Legal Office has provided the records from their Corporate records confirming my stay from November 3, 1999 thru November 8, 1999.

You will find that the “Americas Hope Foundation” is in fact a HOAX set up by the very pro-Obama Blogonuts to make it appear that an independent party found my claims to be false through an independent investigation. ~ read more
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