07 July 2008

louisiana supreme court announces new rules governing attorney advertising

on 03 july 2008, the louisiana supreme court announced its adoption of comprehensive amendments to the rules of professional conduct. 22 page .pdf

this new rule change was brought about due to
senator rob marionneaux who in the 2006 regular session of the louisiana legislature, offered his senate concurrent resolution no. 113. scr113 requested the louisiana state supreme court to establish a committee to study attorney advertising.

scr113 states in part that the "manner in which some members of the louisiana state bar association are advertising their services in this state has become undignified and poses a threat to the way attorneys are perceived in this state..."

we certainly cant disagree with that and it looks like the advertisements they have in mind will no longer be allowed under Rule 7.2.(c)(1)(D) contains a reference or testimonial to past successes or results obtained, except as allowed in the Rule regulating information about a lawyer’s services provided upon request;

but there is a local attorney, a criminal defense lawyer named david stone who has pretty cool commercials:

but alas it looks like even his commercials will not be allowed under the new rules. thats a shame.