03 July 2008

cant a brother make a myspace vid without being harassed by the man?

wwl snip:

Sheriff’s deputies in St. Charles Parish arrested seven people after a video surfaced on MySpace that had two young men discussing plans to carry out a shooting, and also to shoot any police officers who tried to stop them.

Investigators were searching for information on another case when they came upon 18-year-old Larry Banks' MySpace page. There, deputies said they found a video in which Banks and 27-year-old Joshua Reilly brandish assault rifles, including an AK-47 that Banks said “had bodies on it.”

Deputies then acquired a warrant to search Banks’ home, where they found other weapons including another AK-47. The AK-47 that is showed in the video, however, was not found.

At the home they arrested five other people on drugs and weapons charges. ~ read more