02 July 2008

charlie weems shit-canned from lsu board of supervisors!

well now, this news makes piyush's stock rise a point or two in our book. mr. weems shouldnt be in any position of public trust, especially...one where he has any influence whatsoever over our kids and their education. of coz his replacement r. blake chatelain is a major piyush campaign contributor, but you already knew or suspected this right?

the advocate snip:

Longtime LSU Board of Supervisors member Charles Weems is one of two on the board replaced Tuesday night by Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Weems, an Alexandria lawyer who was appointed in 1991, is well known as a friend of LSU athletics. He was the current longest-serving member on the board.

Jindal’s replacements are R. Blake Chatelain, an Alexandria bank president, and James Moore, a Monroe oilman.

Chatelain and Moore were maximum Jindal campaign contributors, each giving at least $5,000.
Weems said he respected the governor’s purgative to choose board members. “I’m disappointed only that I didn’t get to talk to the governor,” he said. ~ read more
piyush questioned this morning on wjbo about his shit-canning of mr. weems said that blake chatelain "the person we appointed to that board is the president of red river bank in central louisiana a graduate of lsu, very involved, very in various charitable organizations, is a community leader in central louisiana, the reality is there are more good people who want to serve..." ~ link to audio