20 July 2008

eustace mullins on the origins of water fluoridation

eustace mullins is one of the preeminent "unknown" researchers, political writers, authors and biographers of our time. his 1952 book 'secrets of the federal reserve - the london connection' remains the first and most definitive research into the federal reserve system. this and other books by mr. mullins, when you can find them, sell for hundreds of dollars on amazon.com see here or here and other booksellers here.

on 20 october 2007, louisianaians foolishly elected (although most, if not all of louisiana. has had fraudulent electronic voting machines forced upon them so it remains to be seen whether or not piyush scam was actually elected) a member of the subversive rhodes scholars to be its governor. rhodes scholars are nothing more than a quasi-secret society bent on bringing in one world government controlled by international communism.

rhodes scholars are also into eugenics and population control so it shouldnt have surprised anyone when one of the first things piyush scam did was to recruit alan levine, a member of the bush crime family from over in florida to run the state department of health and hospitals.

they got right to work and as an example, had another one of their useful idiots in this case a new orleans democratic senator cheryl gray to sponsor sb182. what this bill, now act 407, does is to it make it quite easy for some bureaucrat to have you declared crazy upon which you will be taken into protective custody and transported to a treatment facility.

as you will see, this law will soon come in handy (for the government) as the economy continues to deteriorate and lots of 'crazy' people begin asking questions and demanding answers about whats going on, as well doing lots of 'crazy' things like trying to find ways to feed their family.

next, a career criminal (a/k/a career politician) from lake charles, louisiana who masquerades as a democratic senator named willie mount introduced her sb312 which mandates the fluoridation of the louisiana's water supply. sinator mount was assisted in the state house by another career criminal from monroe, louisiana. this criminal pretends to be a conservative republican named kay kellogg katz.

there were other criminals involved too. most notably quack "dr." and hopefully unsuccessful sixth congressional district candidate bill cassidy who sat upon (as vice chairman) the senate health and welfare committee as well as the conference committee and unethically rubber stamped sb312 right on through.

the only mention of sb312 by the louisiana main stream media criminals that we have been able to locate is a 29 may 2008 article by mark ballard in the baton rouge morning advocate. as you can see louisiana's media criminals didnt bother to print anything about sb312 until it had already passed the state senate and the house committee. oh and notice how mr. ballard and the criminals behind the advocate, tried to make everyone opposed to water fluoridation appear foolish.

piyush scam signed sb312 into law on sunday, 06 july 2008.


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excerpt from chapter five of murder by injection - the story of the medical conspiracy against america
by eustace mullins


The second item on Dr. Robert Mendelsohn's list of the Four Holy Waters of the modern Church of Medicine is the fluoridation of the nation's drinking water. Although Dr. Mendelsohn dismisses it too, as of "questionable value," few dare to question it. We are told that it confers untold benefits to the rising generation, guaranteeing them perpetual freedom from tooth decay and no need for any dental work. Surprisingly enough, the national fluoridation campaign is enthusiastically supported by the nation's dental profession, even though it might be expected that it would put them out of business. Here again, those in the know are well aware that the fluoridation program, far from threatening to put the dentists out of business, actually will offer them plenty of work in the future.

The principal source of the fluoridation is a poisonous chemical, sodium fluoride, which has long been the principal ingredient of rat poison. Whether the adding of this compound to our drinking water is also part of a rat control program has never been publicly discussed. The EPA released its latest estimate, that 38 million Americans are now drinking unsafe water, which contains unsafe levels of chlorine, lead and other toxic substances. Fluoride is not listed as one of the toxic substances. EPA, like other government agencies, has carefully refrained from either testing public drinking water for the effects of fluoridation, or from poaching on the preserves of the Rockefeller Monopoly, which launched the national fluoridation campaign.

The by-product of the manufacture of aluminum, sodium fluoride, had long posed a problem. Except for its limited use as a rat poison, other popular uses were limited by its extremely poisonous nature. It also was very expensive for the aluminum companies to dispose of, because of its persistence (it does not degrade--it is also cumulative in the body, so that each day you add a little more to your sodium fluoride reserves each time you drink a glass of water). It is puzzling, then, to find that the historical record shows that the principal sponsor and promoter of the fluoridation of the nation's drinking water was the U.S. Public Health Service. And thereby hangs a tale.

We may recall the heady days of the 1950s, when public health officials were routinely sent out from Washington to appear at meetings where communities were anxiously debating the pros and cons of water fluoridation. Without exception, these public servants not only reassured the anxious citizens, they positively demanded that the communities fluoridate their drinking water. Although they unequivocally endorsed the fluoridation of water supplies, not one of these public health officials had ever conducted any studies of fluoridated water, or made any experiments as to its possible benefits or dangers. Yet at meeting after meeting throughout the United States, they rose to solemnly guarantee that there were no dangers, no side effects, only positive benefits on children under the age of twelve.

Non-prescription anti-diarrhoeal drugs also contain significant amounts of aluminum; Essilad (Central) has 370 mg of aluminum salts per ml; Kaopectate Concentrate (Upjohn) has 290 mg aluminum per ml.

Aluminum ammonium sulfate is widely used as a buffer and neutralizing agent by manufacturers of cereals and baking powder. Aluminum Potassium Sulfate, known as aluminum flour or aluminum meal, is widely used in baking powder and clarifying sugar.

The annual use of sodium aluminum phosphate has now reached the amount of 19 million kilograms per year; it is used in large amounts in cake mixes, frozen dough, self-rising flour, and processed foods, in an average amount per product of from three to three and one-half per cent. Some 300,000 kg. of sodium aluminum sulfates are used in household baking powders each year, averaging from twenty-one to twenty-six per cent of the bulk of these products.

Aluminum wrap is now everywhere; toothpaste is packaged in tubes lined with aluminum; there are aluminum seals on many food and drink products; and soft drinks everywhere are now packaged in aluminum cans. While the amount of aluminum ingested on any given day from all of these sources may be infinitesimal, the parade of products coated with or mixed with aluminum available on a daily basis is frightening. Its effects are the equivalent to that of a slow virus, as the metal accumulates at vital points in the system, particularly in the human brain. Thus the number of Alzheimer's victims is probably outnumbered by the number of potential victims, who will later be afflicted with its terrible symptoms.