01 July 2008

SB718 redflex scammer and lafayette rethug big shot charlie buckels resigns from lafayette parks and recreation bd over new financial disclosure law

UPDATE: gannett/the advertiser: more than 50 resign from lafayette boards and commissions

gannett/town talk snip from a related story:
This mass exodus was due to Senate Bill 718, which went into effect today. The bill enacts stiffer financial disclosure laws that require members to release information about themselves as well as their spouses, such as occupation, interest/association with businesses. To avoid releasing the information, board and commission members needed to resign by Monday. ~ read more
we received the below email from a friend in lafayette:
Everyone is jumping ship!!
Here is a list as of 5:45 tonight of the local folks who have resigned from the boards here in Lafayette Parish due to the financial disclosure laws.

Check out who is No. 1 on the Parks and Recreation Board...He does not want to disclose his financial information? Hmmmmmmmmm, wonder why that is Mr. Lobbyist/Extortionist!!

P.S. I was given this information at the council meeting tonight by one of our grand leaders.

Airport Commission
Allen A. Dugas

Bayou Vermilion District
Jan Davis

Carroll Fuselier
Tracy Carlson
Michelle Billeaud

Cajundome Commission
Bill McElligott
Dr. Paul Azar

Citizens Advisory Committee
Paul Leberg

Downtown Development Authority
Thomas L. Day

Emergency Medical Services
Marc Mouton
Dr. Paul Scott LeBleu
Betty Heidbrink
Percy J. Broussard, Jr.
Andy Blalock, M.D.

Heymann Performing Arts
Suzan Allen

Industrial Development Board
Mike Craton
Mike Day

Metropolitan Expressway Commission
Elaine D. Abel
William W. Rucks, III
Rob Guidry
Mickey Mangham
Tex Plumley
Gregg Gothreaux

Waterworks District North
Patrick Credeur (works for the school board)

Convention & Visitors Commission
Margaret Rucks
MaryBeth Lowry
Rob Davis

Library Board
Lee Verret
Pat Logan
Bennett Bernard

Eloise Gauthier
Cliffe Laborde, III

Bill Fenstemaker
Max Hoyt
Sandy Kaplan
Carl Bauer
John Freeman

Natural History Museum
Dr. Huey McCauley
David Andrus
Connie Welch
Roma Grinnel
Harold Domingue

Parks & Recreation
Charlie Buckels
Travis Farrar
Johnnie Stinson
Todd Weber
Harold Porter
Barbara Lambert
Walter Guillory
Richard Chalmers
Rev. Harry Benefiel

Planning Commission
Keith Miller

Police Alarm Board
Mary Goody

Louise Logan

Preservation Commission
Louis Cornay
Nedra Andrus