16 July 2008

hb1153 email forward mocks louisiana and district 27's dopey rino chris hazel and his ignorant 'body armor' bill

wst... is in receipt of an email forward currently making its way around louisiana as well as globally...

Subject: FW: Fashion Police - HB 1153 is now law
I just knew the day would come…..The first piece of “Fashion Police Legislation” has officially arrived.

Is the Jezebell Caress Bustier considered body armor?
The definition of Body armor is not clear….LOLOLOLOL

(1) "Body armor" shall mean bullet-resistant metal or other material intended to provide protection from weapons or bodily injury.
figleaves.com ~ link

the email then goes on to link to this wafb story as well as to act no. 747.
wst... note: rep. hazel when contacted by kalb for a statement on gov. piyush "bobby" jindal's signing his hb1153 into law, offered this rather addle-minded explanation: