29 July 2008

l.a. times blog editor tony pierce explains his decision to ban l.a. times bloggers from posting about the enquirers john edwards-rielle hunter story

here is an interesting email we just received and although we doubt that this lad is regular, at least he took the time to type out (or copy and past more likely) this blogs name in the subject line of his email.

A news tip for We Saw That
Hey, I remember reading your post the other day about how the LA Times has clamped its bloggers and barred them from talking about the National Enquirer story on John Edwards' love affair. I managed to get the LA Times blog editor Tony Pierce on the phone and interviewed him at length about his decision to send out the email to his bloggers. The article I wrote about this interview is published over here:

LA Times blog editor Tony Pierce responds to criticism about National Enquirer story

Anyway, I thought this was something you and your readers would find interesting.

Take care,