05 July 2008

hb937 herbert dixon and chris roy, jr. vote to expand gambling in louisiana

hb937 a bill by state representative karen st. germain would, under the guise of horse racing, have authorized "an eligible horse racing facility in iberville parish to conduct slot machine gaming" and authorized "the operation of an offtrack wagering facility in iberville parish." so what this bill was all about was to get slot machines into the parish using the excuse of horse racing.

we noticed that central louisiana state representative herbert dixon voted for this bill. this is surprising (not really) seeing that rep. dixon ought to know better than to support gambling since he went to the state legislature from the rapides parish school board. we bet if you ax'd rep. dixon why he supported hb937 he would tell you that he voted for it for "economic development" purposes, soes that a brother could get a "good" job mucking stables full of horse manure and a sister could get a job serving drinks to rich white folks for tips n shit.

another not surprising hb937 "yea" was cast by ultra liberal democrat trial lawyer, chris roy, jr. since rep. roy teamed up with baton rouge rino erich ponti to champion rep. ponti's hb1312 (rep. ponti it must be noted is also a hb937 yea voter) which increases the mandatory automobile coverage and insurance premiums on louisianaians at a time when gas prices are over $4.00 a gallon and the economy is in flux, rep. roy would probably say that he voted the way he did due to the increase of fender-bender lawsuit business sure to result from the increased traffic flow to and from the track/otb.

but its all for naught piyush vetoed hb937.

house final passage vote link
senate final passage vote link