24 August 2006

allen parish reservoir hi-jinx

we received this via email a few days ago...

Thompson, almost ready for Reservoir Permit

In Allen Parish, a rare occurrence of a public notice in a Newspaper states there will be a meeting of the Reservoir Commission in Oberlin, La. on Wed August 23 at 5:30pm.

Michael Thompson, the $100,000 a year Consultant, and his buddy Randy Denmon the $800,000 a year engineer are present. Thompson said, "we are almost ready to start talking with the Corp of Engineers about applying for a permit."

In the last 14 months while still getting paid, not much has been done, but Thompson says, there were Hurricanes and the Corp seemed to be very busy.

Thompson starts to spin, when asked by Commission Chairman Phil Beard how long will it take, and when will you apply for the permit? Thompson says, need to locate property owners, do a 1000-acre mitigation on wetlands, everything is a lengthy process, and therefore never gives an answer.

Randy Denmon says, we have done more tests, and Mill Creek is a perfect site for the Reservoir. The water quality is great, and will produce 30 million gallons a day.

Sept 23, 2004 at Commission site selection, Randy Denmon's father Terry Denmon said, his "reputation was on the line" and this was not his first lake study, and the 3,700-acre Mill Creek site is the perfect site. The commissioners also approved to start the application process with the Army Corps of Engineers.

On Sept 9, 2004 the Community Preservation Alliance Alledged Wrong-doing of Rep. Francis C. Thompson, Mike Thompson, and Terry Denmon creating 14 Reservoirs statewide. The Alliance, consisting of residents of 3 of the 4 sites have said they were concerned that Mill Creek was contaminated years ago by a paper mill and unfit to serve as a feeder for a Reservoir.

On July 1, 2004, at a Emotionally charged Reservoir meeting, Roland Hollins also Police Jury Vice President said, it is in my heart, these are my people, and it's not right to take the homes of the residents of my district for a pleasure lake or fishing hole.

Hollins attempt to eliminate all other sites except Mill Creek failed, but a motion was passed to see if Denmon could raise the height of the Dam to achieve an average water depth of 8 feet and make Mill Creek a feasible site.

American Press; Sep 8, 2004
Rep. Herman Ray Hill and Sen. Don Hines urged Reservoir Commission not to approve a site that would claim scenic rivers or homes, and said, "We should abandon the project if anything other than Mill Creek was selected." Mill Creek, located in the center of the West Bay Game Preserve, is the only site where homes would not be compromised.

Commission member Gary Pelican said, I am concerned that we are still on the same page, and the site will not take any homes or Cemeteries, and is there a detailed map of Dam location and property owners available? Thompson says no, but Randy should be able to draw one up. Secretary Adagria Haddock, paid $9,000.00 a year to keep the minutes was not present.

What a Waste, Money continues to flow like water year after year for unwanted and unneeded foolish pork barrel reservoirs to make Politicians, their brothers, family, and friends wealthy?
Unchristian desecration of Cemeteries and taking of homes
Wake up, Eminent Domain Abuse concerns us all!

While Allen Parish Legislators and Reservoir Commission members have shown Christianity and Concern for desecration of Cemeteries and taking of homes, Sen. Nevers and his appointed Reservoir Commission has shown none. There has been no attempt to locate an alternate site for their pleasure lake.
La. State Senator Ben Nevers

Sen. Ben Nevers and his Reservoir Commission remain steadfast in their unchristian effort to desecrate Cemeteries and take homes to build a Reservoir in Washington Parish.

Senate Bill 639, Nevers attempt to expand Eminent Domain abuse to take Homes and Property of Residents Parish-wide was opposed by members of the Parish Council.

The use of Eminent Domain, desecration of Cemeteries, and taking of family homes and family land in America for recreation, Reservoirs, and Golf courses is placing an undue hardship on some for the pleasure and gain of others. This is America, not a Communist country where the state owns everything.

Oak Grove Community residents intend to fight for their Cemeteries, homes, heritage, streams, wildlife, ecosystem and way of life. This is a violation of their civil rights, the right to happiness and their right to continue voting in the same area.

The residents don't want to sell their land at any price. This is their home, their heritage, where they have lived all their life. There is no just compensation, and money is not the answer. In reality, it's the problem.

Without our heritage, our family land, our homes, our way of life, we can never be happy again. The state doesn't have enough money to compensate us in this matter. Again, money is not the answer.

To those who say, ''This matter does not concern us,'' I say, ''Wake up, this concerns us all, and will affect us all.''

I pray for help in this matter, and for the ones who want to do this.

Please have a conscience as many people can justify the wrong that they do to others, and many can convince themselves that what they are doing is right.

Please choose another site. Look inside your heart, and stop coveting thy neighbor's house.

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