11 August 2006

doo wop darlin murderer pleads guilty

video vcu gladding residence center surveillance cam footage from 05 sept 2005. last known images of taylor behl. length: 1:37 note for some unknown reason google video cuts off the last few seconds where taylor behl emerges from the dorm and is seen walking past the camera leaving the building. to download the complete video click here.
for some reason, we havent been able to figure out, this case captured our attention from when it first went national last september. was taylor behl a wild child who lived life too close to the edge? was she a lonely teen who was taken advantage of by a 38 year old man? although we dont have any great affinity for myspace we have to note that behl and fawley did not originally meet via myspace. they met in real life (irl) first, then communicated via myspace and live journal.

a guy named will drummond we believe he lives somewhere in alabama has a website, an archive really, where he has been vigilant in posting all the news he could gather about taylor behl. this morning drummond writes in what he says should be his last update.

To the relief of many, it looks like the Ben Fawley trial ended before it ever started. Earlier this week, Fawley decided to plead guilty to 2nd Degree Murder charges. He did not admit guilt, but he acknowledged that the state had enough evidence to convict, if it went to trial. The deal worked out with the state removed the child pornography charges that Fawley still faced in Richmond. I have not found anything that indicates that the US Attorney will not file charges for the child pornography.

I have updated the website with copies of several different articles published yesterday and today. I apologize for not keeping the site up to date as soon as the news broke.


Unless something huge happens with this case, this should be the last update. I will get the site cleaned up, fix any broken links, etc., in the coming weeks. I will leave the site online indefinitely.

Thank you to everyone that has provided support with articles, pictures, information, etc. The many emails of support when I first started the site went a long way.


taylor behl memorial from find-a-grave

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