11 August 2006

cornered blanco lashes out

darn! the one day we missed the moon griffon radio program we missed what chad is calling "a doozy" sure sounds like it. chad has the story as well as the .mp3 file over on dp.
more later...
added 10:22 pm cdt friday 11 august 2006 ok, we finally got to listen to this mornings governors phone-in to moon griffon's radio program. what it amounts to is that the governor got caught. now right off the bat the governor tries to shift things around by saying that senator vitter is the one who has voted for toll roads in some transportation bill blah blah blah. we dont doubt the governor's word for a minute that senator vitter had prior knowledge about the toll roads and double crossed the governor in order to make political hay. after all senator vitter voted for the usa patriot act - so in our view the vitter is certainly capable of anything.

moon griffon did well and held his ground from the governor asking her straight out when she said that "johnny bradberry [dotd secretary] has not suggested to me that we toll I-10 or I-12..." griffon: "but governor did he not...are you saying that he did not send a letter...are you saying that he did not send a letter to the federal government because the letter is there for proof.?" this is how you know the governor is caught: gov blanco replied "uh let me just say uh that mr. vitter voted for a package..." griffon "no no no no governor..."

the governor wouldnt answer griffons question directly with a yes or no instead she insisted on continuing on with the line about vitter's previous vote for tolls in the transportation bill. next, the governor explains it all away as just her staff gathering all the information. "my secretaries all are always researching" and always trying to keep thenselves educated and to get this: "keep louisiana moving forward" well shame on your staff for even considering toll roads as a plan b...c...d..e...f......z. we have always said that we dont think that governor blanco is a bad or evil person she just has horrible advisors.

because of the hurricanes katrina and rita we became interested in the legislature. like a lot of other people we too hoped that katrina and rita's destructivness could be turned into a blessing in that these twin disasters afforded us all an opportunity to start over. from the first special session convened from 06 november 2005 and again the second special session from 06 february 2006, the regular session from 27 march of this year we began to intently watch the legislature and follow its workings and some bills and we can say with certainty that the louisiana state legislature is the sorriest, most self serving collection of clowns, buffons, crooks, highwaymen, boobs, nabobs, nit-wits and half-wits ever assembled. you lot dont have a clue how to do one honest; reasonable; sensible thing and the joke is on we the people because we keep electing you.
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