16 August 2006

amanda gutweiler hypes 3rd circuit appeals hearing date set down

**updated wednesday 27 september 2006**
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    august the 29th is more this year than just the first anniversary of hurricane katrina. this is long awaited appeal hearing in which it will be decided whether or not ninth judicial district judge donald johnson erred at 06 april 2006 when he ruled to quash ms. gutweiler-hypes 1st degree murder indictment. ms. gutweiler-hypes was subsequently released from jail on bond at 29 june 2006. we still think that judge johnson's ruling will be affirmed.

    we have to note that "katrina" means cleansing or purifying and we have to wonder if its a sign that the decision reached from the 29 august argument will indeed help to purify and cleanse an incompetent and corrupt rapides parish district attorneys office?
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