11 August 2006

jacques roy video blogged!

**updated** kalb will host and televise a candidate forum, 5 pm till 7 pm, tuesday 12 september 2006. ksyl am 970 will also broadcast the forum by air and internet stream.

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mayor of alexandria, louisiana series

length 9:10
jacques roy is a 35 year old lawyer although he says that he will be 36 a few days before the 30 sept 2006 election among other things on this blog he talks about the cleco lawsuit (he "represents only sam sansing" who cleco sued mr. roy makes it clear that cleco sued mr. sansing and not the other way around), his dad's connections to edwin edwards, political machines, harold chambers.

mr. roy says these are all fair questions and he wanted to make it clear he and his family is not part of a machine and that he is a "homework guy" and invites everyone else to do "do their homework" on him and that everyone is welcome to look into the kinds of cases he takes on. he says that camille gravel, his relative, was a person that was for huge sometimes unpopular change, mr. roy mentions mr. gravel's work in civil rights as an example of this and mr. roy says that if that [kind of change] is bad then he is for it.

choice for change
"the change has already happened around us" he wants to take on things that need to be broken up. he says that not all things are broken and that all in all mayor randolph's administration has been a stabillizing force for a long time.
according to mr. roys's homework alexandria's make up demographics have "huge changes" and that he is the person to move forward through those changes with "new fresh ideas."
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