23 August 2006

catahoula parish sold out

louisiana's catahoula parish police jury sold its citizens out for a projected $40 million [31 eur] over ten years. you see the catahoula parish police jury is so greedy for money that they unamiously voted to poison their own parish and people. we are talking about the plan to build a "3,000-acre landfill on a 5,200 acre site on the banks of the Red River near Larto."

american indian grave desecration
two local bands of native american's are concerned about this poison pit descrating their ancient burial grounds. the native americans shouldnt really be shocked after all white people have no problem poisoning their own kind for a few dollars but we wish you well in your fight against this garbage dump.
two rivers recycling, l.l.c.
just who is two rivers recycling the company thats behind this catahoula parish landfill? according to the louisiana sec'y of states corporate database its a limited liability company with its registered agent one robert s. rooth of the hi-powered new orleans law firm chaffe mccall. other members of the llc are terreco properties llc operating from a post office box out of get this wrightsville, north carolina and g. douglas clark and warren s. dubose both of jonesville, louisiana.
these are the members of the catahoula parish police jury that should be immediately investigated and voted or recalled from office:
district 1
William R. Mason, Democrat, Exp.Date:01/13/08 208 Sharp Rd.,Clayton, LA 71326, 318/757-2775
district 2
Walter "Pot" Krause, Democrat, Exp.Date:01/13/08 P.O. Box 4,Sicily Island, LA 71368, 318/389-4470
district 3
Charlie Myers, Other, Exp.Date:01/13/08 P.O. Box 27,Enterprise, LA 71425, 318/744-5921
district 4
J. D. Alexander, Jr., Republican, Exp.Date:01/13/08 HC 86, Box 24A,Harrisonburg, LA 71340, 318/744-5560
district 5
Doyle Wiggins, Other, Exp.Date:01/13/08 163 Woodie Rd.,Jonesville, LA 71343, 318/339-7662
district 6
Libby Ford, Other, Exp.Date:01/13/08 200 Uncle Johnie Rd.,Jonesville, LA 71343, 318/339-8460
district 7
Benny Vault, Jr., Democrat, Exp.Date:01/13/08 507 Tom Cotton St.,Jonesville, La 71343, 318/339-4092
district 8
Joe Barber, Sr., Democrat, Exp.Date:01/13/08 801 E. H. Johnson Blvd.,Jonesville, LA 71343, 318/339-9205
district 9
Jackie Paulk, Democrat, Exp.Date:01/13/08 29630 Hwy. 124,Jonesville, LA 71343, 318/339-8038