30 August 2006

video: hotel bentley press conference

if you follow these blogs then you already knew back at the 16 august 2006 that bob dean was finally turning loose of the hotel bentley. downtowns long nightmare was over. in all fairness to mr. dean it probably was impossible to do business in alexandria, city government being what it is. applying for a permit to demolish the bentley was a bit much though. perhaps in mr. dean's mind that was merely his way of giving the city the finger. the bentley is historic. general eisenhower as well as general patton stayed there. many celebrities especially during world war 2 (entertaining troops at fort [camp] polk) have enjoyed the hotel bentley and its amenities, so you can see how this demolition talk didnt sit well at all with the purists and the romantics among us.

already, there is talk on cenla blogs about this "sale" being a political ploy, but we're not going to choose to see it that way. for now. lol. although we still think that the bentley should convert to apartments and condos ~ because we think that this is the only true way to make sure that the bentley stays open and maintained ~ but for the sake of the bentley we hope that we are wrong and the new owners make a killing renting hotel rooms.

before we read the press release we pondered on what, if anything, could this possibly mean being announced from the anniversary of the day of katrina. and when we read it we were glad to see that it wasnt just a coincidence as the significance of the date is mentioned. as you probably know "katrina" means cleansing or purifying therefore, let the cleansing and purifying begin with the bentley and radiate outward to downtown and beyond.