01 August 2006

senator mary landrieu on washington journal

.mp3 audio here

if you follow this blog then you know that we arent very big fans of senator landrieu. landrieu voted for the usa patriot act so that right there disqualifies her for our vote and support, but, while shes there in the senate we will give her credit when its due. she holds her own very well and explains the drilling issue in detail. senator landrieu closes by saying that the lesson of the katrina disaster is that it wasnt just because new orleans and louisiana as a whole not being prepared "we could have done better ourselves" she says that "this country has this attitude that we're so strong and so smart that nothing can hurt us" and "that is a very dangerous attitude" she says "that mother nature is pretty tough and she showed her hand here" and that we need to get ready and "get a better system" in this country for catastrophic events.

senator landrieu's interview begins at time 2:06:55 - if real player opens and you want to skip directly to her segment simply place your cursor on the slider bar (the little round button above where it says "music & my library" it will say "clip position" and slide it over until the time says 2:06:55.

senator landrieu's segment is about 30 minutes long.
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