07 August 2006

roosevelt johnson video blogged!

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length: 10 mins30 secs
roosevelt johnson is an at-large city of alexandria, louisiana city councilman running for mayor of alexandria. actually councilman johnson did his kalb video blog almost a month ago we knew about it and viewed it then. we havent posted about it before now because we are basically lazy and just now got around to it.

councilman johnson comes across as a gentle, softspoken, thoughtful man. some people think that he isnt that smart but we arent convinced that is really the case. for example he knows (from his door-to-door campaign strategy) that the residents of alexandria are mostly concerned with infrastructure issues such as utilities and drainage and the like. on the other hand some people think that he would just be a puppet of the shady businessmen clique within the city. there could be some truth to that you see because councilman johnson has been a perennial candidate for something or other for years. he finally gets elected to a city council at large seat which his term isnt over until 2007. then the mayors seat comes available due to ned randolph's decision not to run again (that primary is 30 september 2006) so he jumps in the mayors race which is his right to do. we think, that in time, councilman johnson could make a fine mayor for alexandria but he is trying to do too much too soon. we feel that he should serve a couple or three terms on the city council, get a track record built up there and then run for mayor or other elective office