24 August 2006

reservoir series links page

  • louisiana reservoir of corruption trial delayed
  • mike thompson terry denmon wm. coenen indicted
  • louisiana reservoir of corruption
  • washington parish reservoir movie
  • governor blanco's address to the joint session of the legislature
  • louisiana public broadcasting "louisiana the state we're in" reservoir project transcript & video
  • reservoirs hb1129

  • louisiana eminent domain abuse
  • louisiana's commerce & industry board appoints mike thompson its chairman
  • reservoirs again
  • hb2 capital outlay ways & means committee meeting
  • reservoir thug rep francis thompson gives ulm commencement

  • council says no to sb639
  • hb1129 vote proves who the crooks are
  • reservoir capital outlay update
  • louisiana's reservoir thugs going nationwide
  • louisiana reservoir thugs update

  • cutting the budget kennedy puts pressure on blanco
  • government heroin taxes
  • dotd tax money wasted on reservoirs
  • reservoir battle is statewide

  • allen parish reservoir hi-jinx
  • washington parish alliance on wwl/don dubuc show.mp3
  • allen parish reservoir scam forming
  • video: washington parish president toye taylor comes unhinged
  • is state senator ben nevers a puppet

  • those fab thompson brothers
  • louisiana reservoir of corruption 2007
  • mike thompson of poverty point infamy indicted!
  • reimagining the poverty point reservoir scam
  • corrupt louisiana legislature funds poverty point reservoir
  • washington parish council thanked

  • ====
    community preservation alliance: reservoir political wrong-doing

    washington parish community preservation alliance: oak grove community

    the real reservoir news: oak grove community
    originally posted on thursday 24 august 2006 9:54 am cdt

    thompson almost ready for reservoir permit from real reservoir news links here