04 August 2006

harry silver video blogged!

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harry silver is the district 4 alexandria, louisiana city councilman. he is running for election in september. click the link to view his kalb video blog.

more later...
added 8:57 pm cdt friday 04 august 2006 "with age either you become wise or you're stupid; iam incliined to believe i have a certain amount of wisdom to share with the citizenary of central louisiana particularly the city of alexandria" harry silver to michele godard. mr. silver seems like he could be a fun guy. when asked if it was true that he just wanted to be on the city council in order to "unload [your] property in downtown development?" he replied "i think thats a narrowly focused approach i wanted to do that prior to this announcement" lol. the question on everyones mind was summed up this way: "did you promise that you werent going to run for the seat because you were actually appointed in place of rick ranson...?" mr silver replied "i was appointed at the behest of the council after they asked for names be submitted from which they selected my name they mentioned the fact that they would have a person that would fulfill that term i was not a party to that condition...i never have run this is the first time" so uh hmm what does this mean?

mr silver said that he called marc lampert beforehand to let him know that he was running he said of lampert that he is a nice fellow, that silver has known since he was young and that lampert is a seasoned, intelligent, high caliber candidate.

mr silver comes off as a dedicated downtowner. we hope thats the case and that he leads up the fight to pull the proposed sports arena and supports downtown & red river commerce plan.