15 August 2006

joe fuller video blogged!

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mayor of alexandria, louisiana series
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added 3:45 pm cdt tuesday 15 august 2006 joe fuller is a 14 year elected (4th term) member of the rapides parish police jury now running for mayor of alexandria, louisiana...
quite frankly mr fullers ideas about "getting people downtown" earn a lot of points from us...mixed use developments, elderly facilities...commercial and residential buildings...could be innovative. forget about this tif thing though. mr fuller says that he has been around other cities and has seen how it is done etc. and if he is sincere and the people around him are sincere then good luck with that. if we were mr fuller this is how we would put it: "we know there is a group of people of good will and across all barriers of race age and belief here that want to come and live together in peace and harmony downtown and by the river... so lets get all those people down here and we can pull it off." or something like that.
other issues errol dorsey "i think what you need to know is that he will get an opportunity to apply for a job like anybody else i think its important that we have all citizens apply..."

"how do ya make ya money?"
michele godard to joe fuller
elected office must be nice since getting elected to the police jury mr fuller says he became..."self employed...grocery store in woodside-samtown, downtown part owner of a club downtown and also [real estate] developing..." says he "brought a suggestion to the city (of alexandria) of how to do some developing currently i am not doing no business in alexandria" - joe fuller.

alexandria racial divide
mr fuller says that certain people want to keep alexandria divided not so much because of black and white but a divide of money and ultimately because alexandria is growing and everybody is not for growth what mr fuller probably means here is that growth that certain people cant control and dont feel obliged to relinquish it either.... tip: name names.

mr fuller says that one reason for the high utility bills is because we have "old housing stock" (mostly downtown) so we need to come in there and do something...but the main thing is getting adequate modern housing downtown to get the people in and we agree with that.

also mr fuller takes questions on conflicts of interest and does he say the "c" word?
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