10 August 2006

northside journal fires first editorial salvo in alexandria mayoral election

it seems like only a few weeks ago that commentators over on the cenla antics blog were requesting the northside journal to devote some coverage to the alexandria mayors race. well, looks like NJ editor neil s. kavanagh has responded in kind.

northside journal snip:
Normally we focus on local issues north of the Red River, however, the mayor’s election in
Alexandria is important to everyone in Rapides. Since the entire parish must visit Alexandria to conduct parish business, shop, or any other of a long list of activities, the political climate of Alexandria is important to everyone. Lets be frank here, the political corruption rampant in City Hall has been growing for years.
Now, Alexandria is faced with the prospect of electing a new mayor. So far there are 6 serious candidates and a few who always run for whatever office is up for grabs. Count on “Red” Hammonds to pay her fee, like clockwork.
the northside journal then goes on to discuss those they call the "6 serious candidates" not surprisingly NJ have some choice words for some of them: "They ooze backroom deals and shady appointments. They hire family members as high priced consultants. They use their position for personal gain at the expense of the taxpayer."

heh heh kinda reminds us of of the style and cadence of the declaration of independance. anyway, click here to read more.
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