09 August 2006

video: you can see louisiana from here

earlier today we were looking around for a link to the rapides parish coliseum and stumbled across a great page about it from the alexandria-pineville visitors & conventions bureau. although at the time we didnt know it was a page from the a-p c&vb. so, this afternoon we had some more time to do some exploring on their website and ran across an awesome video that they have produced and posted online for [y]our viewing pleasure.

video length is approx. 10 minutes

this video is well done and features footage inside the hotel bentley which makes us sick right now because its closed, sacked and looted. why isnt something being done about the hotel bentley anyway? which brings to mind although it wasnt mentioned in the vid the storied spa and mineral healing waters of the hot wells near boyce, louisiana under the control of the louisiana department of health and hospitals of all people and sits abandoned for years. w.t.f.

anyhoo this vid contains great location shots as well as aerial ones the red river, downtown alexandria, frogmore, kent house, arna bontemps, alexandria's zoo, natchitoches including cane river and christmas lights, hodges gardens, marksville and a lot more. you will probably see something familar.

click the link if you have a few minutes and you want to check it out. click again where it says on the screen "view alexandria-pineville's online video." when you click that a survey window will also pop up inside that frame on the right; you can take the survey or ignore it you can also navigate around inside that frame while the vid is playing. it doesnt interfere with the video playing. its best seen in internet explorer and although when you first click that link the vid screen looks awfully small - to enlarge it on the video player see the arrow button on the extreme right hand side opposite where it says "default" ? click that and the player will undock and go to about double size then click the square [top right inbetween _ and X] in the vid player screen and it will enlarge to about 3/4 your monitor screen.
hot wells resort picture courtesy of alexandria postcard collection a feature of alex-retro
edited 11:31 pm cdt wednesday 09 august 2006