23 August 2006

northside journal on saturdays alexandria mayoral debate

the northside journal has written another editorial focusing on the alexandria, louisiana mayoral election and has kindly made it available to us for your consumption. we must say that as observers of this election campaign we have to agree with what is written here. we werent impressed at all by those who chose not to attend this past saturdays crime stoppers mayoral debate. looking back we can see that it was candidate delores brewer that set the stage for the others to have an excuse not to attend when she crowed at the central louisiana business league debate that that weekend was her 29th wedding anniversary. well pardon us but what better way to spend your anniversary than with your life's partner partaking in a debate for the job of mayor of the city that you supposedly love? there are those that say that saturdays crimestopper debate was all just a put up deal by dr. sams and that the alexandria chapter head of crimestoppers is stacy auzenne a local attorney and reportedly a strong sams supporter. once again pardon us but arent you all smart enough to outfox dr. sams at his own game? must not be seeing as how you didnt bother to show up.

anyhoo here is the northside journal's editorial and we have permission from them to upload this file to a server account controlled by us, so, feel free to download a copy.

When it comes to political debates I guess the old saying holds true. A weak candidate has nothing to gain by attending, and everything to lose. You cannot be held accountable for something you didn’t say.
Alexandria is like a ship who’s captain can no longer steer a steady course. He has left the navigation to a crew of misfits, unqualified to read a compass.
Saturday’s debate was the perfect opportunity for a single strong captain to emerge and take command. Had all the candidates kept their word and attended...

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