23 August 2006

tom cruise


paramount pictures terminates tom cruise for this garbage:

we're not tom cruise aficionados by any means but the guy is a great actor. we've seen a handful of his films namely: taps, risky business, top gun, cocktail, rain man, a few good men, the firm, interview with the vampire, jerry maguire and collateral.

so, we have to say so what? that cruise a forty-something hooked up with a twenty-something katie holmes. no one said anything back when a 45 year old humphrey bogart wed a 20 year old lauren bacall. in fact they stayed together until bogies death 12 years later. a veritable eternity by hollywood standards. so what? that cruise jumped up and down on oprah's couch. so what? that cruise is adament about his religion or whatever it is, although we tend to believe that scientology is a kooky cult. the world would be a better place if more people took an interest in religion. when we go to see a movie we go for a good story and good acting both of which are sorely lacking in films lately; thats probably why we seldom go to the movies.

so anyway, last night drudge linked to this story from daily variety about how "South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have set two live-action films at Paramount." this makes us laugh because "south park" is about the most worthless piece of crap to ever come out of hollywood. south park is nothing more than propaganda aimed at young people to get their minds off of what is happening in the world and onto filth and debauchery instead.

if sumner redstone and viacom/paramount were truly interested in working to create a better world the last thing they would be promoting is something as vile and deceitful as south park but they are not interested in creating a better world they are only interested in keeping the minds of the young on their stomachs and genitals in order to easier manipulate and control them.