03 August 2006

la delegation favors extending iraqnam

La. delegation against pullout
Only one backs Demos' request
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why in the world would louisiana's mary landrieu, david vitter, richard baker, charles boustany, rodney alexander, charles melancon, jim mccrery and piyush"bobby" jindal be against a call in congress to bring home our troops from iraq? the war is a disaster and dont take our word for it...it was live on tee vee today when defense sec rumsfield appeared before the senate armed services committee. we - america as a nation have no reason to be in iraq.

we were lied to and still are. we all know it. and despite it all it still remains according to the constitution only congress may declare war; oh you say what about the use of force resolution? face it...its worthless constitutionally. everyone that voted for it and supports it is in violation of their oath of office. cut and dried. dont you get it? no one in government that counts is obeying the constitution. its gonna be interesting to see what you say and what you do when the eu flies in here and arrests bush and hopefully all you that support them too. lol just teasing...mostly.

christian zionism

now we have a major flare up in the so called 'holy land' you know whats thats really all about? well on the 10 august 2006 there is scheduled at jerusalem a gay pride parade and gay celebration the muslims are going to stop it. see also: religious groups join in opposition to jerusalem gay pride parade jerusalem is their holy city too. so why should we get involved? after all the israeli high court ok'd it.

maybe its because we have all these preachers, reverends whatever they are trying to run around and fulfill biblical prophecy like make gods word come true by anticipating what he is going to do next in order to make this or that come true and force the appearance of not only jesus the messiah but also call forth the false prophet and the beast...ingenious if you think about it... no one seems to care that tempting god is a sin itself...

jesus the guy, they claim to follow yet dont seem to know anything about what he says or stands for especially the part that no man knoweth the day or the hour of his coming none but the father. so why would anyone want to meddle in gods plan? its real crazy. it could come down to god destroying the usa to get us out of the way of interfering in what his purpose is for palestine and israel. oh and not to mention the fact that if we are indeed in the end time like the preacherticians are saying this is exactly the kinda deceptions that would be going on. hmmmmm

dont listen to people like john hagee, hal lindsey, that three ring circus tbn, pat robertson, jerry falwell and even billy graham. get a bible king james version and read it for yourselves. what israel is doing is not based on the the christian bible or the holy torah. its zionism. zionism is an athestic nationalistic movement. the remnant of the true torah jews which were decimated in the holocaust are regaining their strength. learn what god fearing true torah jews are saying about palestine and their arab family. these are sephardic jews. zionists are generally the ashkenazi

william jefferson supports bringing the troops home and he spoke honestly when he said that the troops are seen as "occupiers" by iraqis. so we thank him for supporting the constitution and for bringing troops home.
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