30 August 2006

town talk joins the blogosphere...sorta

you can always tell when you go on a corporate owned media site because they use the same template. we have noticed via links from mainly the dead pelican, story chat on other gannett owned newspapers websites throughout the state for instance the lafayette paper has story chat...but the opelousas paper doesnt appear to have it yet...this is interesting besides story chat the monroe papers reporters and editors have their own blogs...monroe has public forums too...curiously the shreveport paper has their own template and commenting system check it out here.

we disagree with having to register we think that story readers should be able to post at will and without going through some signing in process. its annoying.

cenlamar does a much better job of explaining all this including privacy issues so be sure and read their posts called note to the town talk... & what are you trying to say?
central la politics blog also takes the town talk, kalb and the northside journal to task see town talk's joke of the day