23 August 2006

marc lampert video blogged!

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length 8:52
marc lampert is an alexandria, louisiana attorney running against harry silver for alexandria city council..
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added 7:51 pm cdt wednesday 23 august 2006 another good video blog. mr. lampert tells us that district 4, includes downtown, the garden district and dist 4 mr. lampert says includes and we didnt realize this cabrini hospital and the mall. he says that he lives in the garden district and that he feels that its an "uneven race" because he says that its a race about who the city council wants ~ councilman silver ~ versus who the people of district 4 want ~ himself. he says though that whatever the people of district 4 decision is he will be happy for and support it. he says that he is "neighorhoodcentric" and that he is meeting a lot of people in the neighborhoods and "that happiness and power and security flows from the neighborhoods outward." well we certainly agree with that. hes an attorney by trade and says that "sometimes we (attorneys) get a bum rap probably most of the time people are right on." we agree there too. one thing that we disagree with mr. lampert with is the brick streets in downtown alexandria. lampert says that he is "one million percent" against paving them over. huh??? then he says that the garden district is about quality of life. aww c'mon give us a break. when those bricks were put down what 100 years ago it wasnt but prolly 3,000 people in all of alexandria. riding buggys, wagons and horses. do you really think that if you could bring all those alexandrian's back today and showed them a paved road like jackson street extension or even the paved roads that we have now what would they choose? common sense would tell you they would choose the paved roads. so, sorry historical society ladies, but anyone who is for brick streets in this day and age has got a screw loose. yeah its too bad that hauk's alignment doesnt take sentimentality as payment.

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