04 August 2006

2006 mayor of alexandria la series....

**updated** 5:41 pm cdt tuesday 15 august 2006 the town talk has a page with pictures, stories and links see: 7 in running for alexandria mayor
town talk snip:

The seven qualifiers to run in the Sept. 30 primary election for mayor are Delores Brewer, Joe Fuller, Alice "Red" Hammond, Roosevelt Johnson, Jacques Roy, Dr. John Sams and Charles F. Smith Jr.

Brewer and Sams are Republicans, while Fuller, Hammond, Johnson, Roy and Smith are Democrats.
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the paper has an email address and wants you to send your questions to the mayoral candidates. its readerinput@NOSPAMthetowntalk.com

town talk snip:
The mayoral candidates so far include Delores Brewer, Alice Hammond, Roosevelt Johnson, Jaqques Roy, John Sams and Charles F. Smith Jr., and others are considering running. The Town Talk would like to know what you think are the top issues in the mayor's race and what strengths the next mayor needs to possess to effectively lead the city.To voice your opinion, e-mail your comments to readerinput@NOSPAMthetowntalk.com. Your comments will appear on our Web site, www.thetowntalk.com.

Alexandria responds:

# In the mayors race i am looking for someone that is not yet qualified...I will vote"none of the above"
# Charles: There is absolutely no doubt that the rampant...
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Lynton Hester said...

Lynton Hester for mayor. lynton56@NOSPAMyahoo.com
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