21 August 2006

reservoir battle is statewide

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Reservoir Battle is Statewide...

Some have said, they didn’t know there were groups statewide fighting the Reservoirs.

We are members of a Statewide Alliance of Groups fighting the Reservoirs.

We are also allies with the Washington Parish Community Preservation Alliance.

The Oak Grove Community is not alone in their battle against the Reservoirs.

See the oakgrovecommunity.tripod.com Website, or contact Jalon Beech of the Oak Grove Community for more information.

The Reservoirs are proposed statewide by a group of Self-serving Corrupt Politicians for personal gain. The Reservoir Commission members are usually appointed cronies, buddies, and family members interested in personal gain, and some may even be in business with the Politicians creating the Reservoirs.

The gang leader of the Reservoir Dogs Gang is Rep. Francis C. Thompson of Delhi, La. Thompson’s brother, Mike Thompson is the Reservoir Consultant receiving $100,000 a year per lake for 8 lakes. He is also a consultant of the Washington Parish Reservoir.

The main purpose of the Thompson Reservoir Dogs Gang is personal gain, or Money.

Sen. Ben Nevers of Washington Parish is also a member of the Thompson Reservoir Dogs Gang, whose main interest is the unchristian taking of Cemeteries, homes and property by Eminent Domain to build Reservoirs for Personal Gain. Thompson’s Corporation is already selling his ill-gotten lakefront lots at Poverty Point.

The Politicians and Commission members usually provide a list of misinformation, propaganda, and lies saying they are creating jobs, economic development, or there is a water shortage as their reasons for creating the Reservoirs.

Thompson also said that his Poverty Point Lake was being built for these same reasons. Thompson’s lake at Delhi can’t even support a convenience store, or a bait stand, and it needs to pump water from ground wells to keep the lake full.

To learn more about this Reservoir Corruption, and how the Reservoirs got started, visit our Web Sites. There are also links to all the other Statewide Alliance Websites.

Unlike Politicians and Reservoir Commission’s Misinformation, Fabrication, Deceit, and Lies we provide facts, or links to statements and facts on our Web Sites. You will find an awesome and overwhelming amount of information.

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