14 August 2006

dardenne ding-a-ling post attracting attention

way back on 27 april 2006 (actually before then at 10 march 2006 see rep tim burns hb132) we watched in disgust at the political hi-jinks, tricks and posturing going on by senator nevers with his sb33 (act 467.) sb33 is his abortion bill, louisiana's feeble attempt at playing the political football game. the bill was (is) a joke anyway because for one thing it doesnt even have the force of law; its dependant on the supreme court overturning their 1973 roe v wade abortion decision. in the meantime the lawsuit that could possibly overturn the roe v wade decision is winding its way up the court system and its based on a law which unlike louisiana's has the force of law passed and signed into law by south dakota. see also South Dakota Women’s Health and Human Life Protection Act (HB 1215) Signed into Law by South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds March 6, 2006. so you can see that the smart, frugal thing for louisiana to have done here would have been to wait and see if south dakota's law went through.

what sb33 all boils down to is that senator nevers filed this bill to give himself an attaboy to make it look like he is really concerned with the sin of abortion in louisiana. how hypocritical of senator nevers when the whole state or at least those concerned citizens in oak grove community, louisiana know that he is one of the prime movers and shakers in louisiana eminent domain abuse for personal gain. we are talking about poverty point reservoir and all the other louisiana reservoirs he and his pals are involved in and there are many.

now the legislature doesnt even care about the waste of money it cost us poor taxpayers to make copies, research and to type-up everything, sb33 and hb132 as far as that goes (it languished in a commitee.) the legislature got down to the real purpose of the bill(s) which instead of working on legislation to make louisiana a better state to live in - was to waste hours and hours of time debating something that doesnt even have the force of law so they could avoid debating legislation to make louisiana a better state to live in, you follow? lol. dont fall for this sleight of hand. we here at wst arent for abortion. we think its wrong in all cases. we cant figure out where all the millions of christians were in 1973 and why they didnt march on the supreme court and tear it down brick by brick. but then again why would they? they didnt do anything ten years prior when the supreme court banned god from the schools and 159 days later america's president was shot through the head. so, the reality is is that we are at this point and we have to make do with what we got.