06 December 2007

arrogant rino tom schedler tapped as sec'y of state chief deputy

rino's taking care of each other:

times-picayune excerpt:

Schedler's name also cropped up as a possible candidate for commissioner of administration, but Jindal chose Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism Secretary Angele Davis to fill that slot, the highest appointed job in state government responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the state.

Schedler, a former chairman of the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare, had also been mentioned as a candidate for secretary of the Department of Health and Hospitals, but because his wife operates hospices regulated by the agency, he said, he did not know where that would leave him in the Department of Health and Hospitals derby.

He said he was glad to be working with Dardenne, a longtime friend. "This is where I am going; this is it," Schedler said.

Dardenne said he wanted to hold off on filling the slot until the discussion of other potential state jobs for Schedler had "run its course."

As first assistant secretary of state, Schedler will make $100,000 a year and will be in charge of coordinating his legislative package. He also will represent Dardenne at meetings the secretary of state cannot attend.

Dardenne said Schedler will also work with Elections Commissioner Angie LaPlace "in coordinating our elections efforts and work with our security efforts" in elections.

"I am excited to have someone of Tom's caliber join our staff," Dardenne said.