08 December 2007

h.k. edgertol bringing awareness to the stars and bars

h.k. edgertol on texas street, shreveport, louisiana

mr. edgertol is walking across the south from north carolina to austin, texas. so far hes visited seventy-seven cities including jena, louisiana. he began his journey five years ago on 07 december 2002.

when asked "when people see your flag and say that it's a symbol of hate whats your response?" mr. edgertol replies "those who say it represents hate are those who really dont know nothing about this flag." mr. edgertol quickly points out that many black men died under the flag and thats part of the reason he supports it.

mr. edgertol says that he is the chairman, emeritus of the board of advisors of the southern legal resource center located in black mountain, north carolina, "which is a non-profit civil rights law firm that fights violations against this flag."

we here at wst... wish mr. edgertol god's speed as he travels across the south bringing awareness to both blacks and whites about our southern heritage, much of the true history of which, is purposely suppressed and hidden from the masses -- because its so much easier to rule the masses by divide and conquer techniques rather than by focusing on the things that bring us all together.
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