12 December 2007

REDFLEX SCAM: redflex traffic systems inc v louisiana state board of private investigator examiners


  • feds launch investigation of redflex traffic systems inc

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    this is a copy of the petition the australian company redflex filed against the louisiana state board of private investigator examiners to keep them from hearing a complaint concerning whether or not redflex is in violation of louisiana state law. this is charles l. patin jr. with the kean miller law firm. they represent redflex. mr. patin and kean miller earn their thirty pieces of silver by representing foreign interests against the interests of louisiana citizens and are seeking to weaken louisiana laws and our state constitution. mr. patin and kean miller ought to get honest, respectable jobs.

    click here to download thirty-three page .pdf (5mb)

    motion for summary judgment filed by david a. young, esq. with the louisiana attorney generals' office on behalf of the louisiana state board of private investigator examiners.

    mr. young repeatedly shows how redflex uses a "'red herring,' [in] an attempt to mislead the court..." and attempts to twist louisiana state law and common sense.

    mr. young writes:
    "despite...the fact that redflex qualifies as a 'person' under la. rev. stat. 37:3503(6) because it is a corporation, redflex then asserts that the boards jurisdiction does not extend over it because its operations involve 'automated equipment' which does not include the interaction of a person to detect and videotape speeders and red light runners.


    in the alternative, redflex asserts its own employees are exempt from the jurisdiction of the board pursuant to the contractual agreement [click here to download 31 page .pdf 7.4mb] redflex has with lcg [lafayette consolidate government]. redflex asserts that its own employees are not its employees under the specific auspices of its contract with the lgc. instead, redflex asserts that because lcg's "degree of control" over redflex's activities is so pervasive, the contract is somehow transformed from a service contract to an employment contract. and as a result individuals who would otherwise be employed by redflex mutate into lcg employees."
    then, mr. young shows how in the contract between lafayette consolidated government and redflex it states:
    "9.2 relationship between redflex and lcg. nothing in this agreement shall create, or be deemed to create, a partnership, joint venture or the relationship of principal and agent or employer and employee between the parties. redflex is and shall be an independent contractor of lcg and nothing contained in this agreement will create the relationship of principal and agent or otherwise permit either party to incur any debts or liabilities or obligations on behalf of the other party (except as specifically provided herein)."
    mr. young continues: "so while redflex asserts its employees are now employed by lcg, the agreement suggests something completely different"

    this is just one example of the scam lafayette and redflex is trying to run on louisianaians.

    the hearing is set for 11 february 2008.

    meanwhile, it was brought to our attention that david brennan with the lsu daily reveille reported back on 16 february 2007 about baton rouge and houston's adventure in red-light camera scammery:

    Louisiana state law does not allow the use of cameras to issue traffic tickets, so the ticketing process was altered. The violator will receive a civil ticket instead of a traffic ticket, which means lower fines for violators.

    "It will be less than a regular ticket," said Ingolf Partenheimer, chief traffic director of Baton Rouge Public Works. "The ticket will be in the $75 range. The intent is to make people aware and stop people from running the lights."

    But because there are no laws in place to enforce the payment of civil tickets in Louisiana, such as warrants, suspension of license or even due process, violators will not be forced to pay.

    "We are hoping legislation in the future will be able to force people to pay," said Art Boudreaux, Baton Rouge city prosecutor. "It's all uncharted waters for us."

    In Houston - where traffic laws resemble those of Baton Rouge - traffic cameras were implemented over six months ago, but residents are not paying their fines. Houston traffic lawyer Scott Markowitz and colleagues are challenging the constitutionality of the cameras, and the city, is losing anticipated revenue. Markowitz said he thinks the cameras are money making tools for the city and the city council's interest is in new revenue, not accident reports.

    "There was very little outcry [by Houston residents]," Markowitz said. "People were not paying them. They can't issue a warrant. If you don't pay, nothing happens. Behavior patterns are not changing. It's a money grab. The city council isn't asking about accident reports. They want to know why violators aren't paying their fines."
    the bit about "there are no laws in place to enforce the payment of civil tickets" doesnt appear to be entirely accurate. an lsu law school graduate tells us because you can always file a civil suit to get a judgment. although using the taxpayers money associated with the cost to file and litigate a civil suit to recover a $75.00 fine doesnt make economic sense or most importantly to the politicians -- political sense.

    the joey in australian redflex's back pocket
    click here to listen to kvol public service announcement
    joey durel sells out lafayette parish to the australians!

    lafayette city-parish president joey durel appears to be a silly buffoon who plays at being a republican when its politically expedient for him to do so. mr. durel says that talk about the united states constitution is "smoke and mirrors." [.mp3 audio 599k] this is similar to that other republican george w. bush's view about the constitution when he reportedly said the constitution is "just a god dammed piece of paper." mr. durel's background is in his families pet store business.

    we must assume that to mr. durel, louisiana citizens generally and lafayette citizens specifically are nothing more to him than the animals he sold at his pet shop. just human cattle to be managed and done with as he pleases.
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