11 December 2007

city of alexandria caught lying about prescott road "study"

city uses junk science, deception and fraud to trick alexandrian's into giving away prescott road to st. francis cabrini hospital

20 november 2007
alexandria mayor jacques roy
misrepresents a "study" to the alexandria city council

kudos to the town talk's karina donica for following up on this story. if the gannett owned town talk did more "investigative journalism" of this type our opinion of them might rise significantly -- although we still feel that this story is the town talk's way of telling cabrini hospital that they really need to increase their newspaper advertising budget.

anyway, in the 20 november 2007 city of alexandria, la. city council public works / zoning committee meeting, councilman harry silver presided over a "preliminary discussion, concerning the purposes of christus cabrini hospital proposed expansion request, this is just for informational purposes, just the tip of the iceberg." [video link if this link doesnt work heres the video direct link then slide the timer bar over to 7 minutes 23 seconds].

the mayor responds that "gentlemen we're close to putting the final touches on plans to allow cabrini's expansion without the use of any green space or recreational space across the street at the ball parks or really anywhere else. but instead making use of cabrini's existing space that already is there on its campus by rearranging how that is by looking at properties that they own, that they own substantially, properties, on prescott now save a few and by any additional properties that they might purchase all with the understanding that we would be involved in revocation of parts of the right of way known as prescott road from texas to on or about cabrini avenue including cabrini avenue,

there is an issue about relocation of utilities which is substantial, we had a lengthy meeting with mr.silver present yesterday or so and there are gonna be significant issues about how to do that when i say issues i dont mean that they are insurmountable or even something that isnt routine but we have to look at the best and highest use of the area and the best way in which to move those utilities we had some meeting earlier on that you participated in so that residents in the adjoining neighborhoods and eventually the city could weigh in about the ballparks, we were charged with the responsibility of finding an alternative, along with cabrini and members of the council and members of the administration, we have come up with alternatives the principal one being the revocation of part of prescott."

the fake study

[time 9m23s] "ms. michiels had a traffic study done in this regard there will be minimal - if you have ten thousand cars lets say, that use this area, eight thousand of the cars are cabrini, two thousand could be existing or using other doctors offices. it would be very minimal when you look at wainwright and all the different possibilities we have to change this.

our big obstacle now and the reason we wanted to give you an initial thought about it and i think you need more time is about relocation of utilities. that'll be an expense that has to be taken on we have to make sure that the public gets a gain from all that. that we dont lose anything, we have to make sure its safe for our infrastructure. so thats what we're looking at now with the proportion of return to alexandria as i think that we all know that the economic and community development of an expanded cabrini with the jobs and with the ability to help our citizens in need is well worth it in terms of those dollars it greatly outweighs most expenses,

but we still have to look at these infrastructure issues we're required to do that just as you were in the past so right now we're working on the cost but thats the basic outline. we have preliminary plans and sketches that you could look at if you wanted to we dont have any kind of final plan yet its mostly been about the way in which we do it and the way in which we would proceed from here on out and requirements we would have on cabrini to do that."

later on in the meeting, at time 12minutes31 seconds the mayor interrupts councilman silver and once again references the fake study and again passes it off as a legitimate source of information when he says that "mr. silver the study shows there wont be an increased traffic problem...the traffic study we've already done shows there wont be any change and the reason why is only traffic thats using the area from texas (avenue) there now is cabrini traffic from eighty something percent of it or better is cabrini traffic the way we would require wainwright to be used and come back through and shirley, it wouldnt be an increase, in fact over time other than the trouble of any expansion where you have construction going on once that happens its actually gonna be better for the quality of those neighborhoods."

now flash forward to today's town talk where we learn:"Kay Michiels, chief operations officer for Alexandria, said the 80 percent figure is an educated guess after combining the results of a traffic-counting device placed on Prescott Road near Cabrini Avenue on Nov. 8, 9 and 10 and data provided by the hospital.

"It's very comprehensive as far as counting the number of vehicles, (but) it is not scientific when you ask what percentage goes into Cabrini," she said."

than knowing they were caught ms. michiels attempts to backpedal "Michiels said that if the city goes through with the proposal, "then we may see the need to do an official traffic study, which would be very expensive and very comprehensive."

now remember that this is despite the fact that the mayor and ms. michiels on 20 november 2007, represented the fake study to be a comprehensive study.

look at the terrible message the mayor, ms. michiels and cabrini are sending to the children. the poor children. they're saying if your teacher or professor gives you an assignment dont worry about using scientific principals and techniques to arrive at an answer -- just make some shit up and if no one bothers to check hey, you're in the clear :-)

how many other fake studies has the city used to trick the citizenry into supporting one of their scams? we would be fools, suckers to believe anything they say without first investigating it.

mayor roy, his chief operating officer kay michiels and cabrini hospital are flat busted perpetrating a fraud...looks like they better call david stone.

we believe that mayor roy is a closet republican coz thus far hes reveled himself to be nothing but a corporate puppet.
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