15 December 2007

halo obama

UPDATE: 05 february 2009

Barky IS The Logo...
Hi Jeff,

I was checking in with that recycle bin called CNN and the main story was about Barky new push, "CEO pay cuts: Not just for banks?" and this was the photo they ran...

I know it's hard to look at that image of him with a golden halo around his head, like religious Middle Ages paintings of Christ. I showed my wife and she said, "Yea, they're marketing him. He IS the logo."

Look at that jutting Mussolini-style jaw. Get used to it, we have 3 years and 11-1/2 months more to look forward to. Seig Heil! Or, I mean... Have a nice day. Here's the story link...

The story is BS right from the beginning in the sub title, "Executives at financial firms are going to have to accept lower salaries and bonuses. Experts think the rest of Corporate America may soon follow suit." S

Well, silly Me, I thought the you only got a bonus after the company did well and that's your compensation over and above your pay, for doing an excellent job. But for modern CEOS, their bonus is just a part of what's expected, just like weekends off and paid holidays.

If your company is losing money, there are NO BONUSES!

I guess that's just an old-fashioned notion. (Bonuses for failing performance!) It's not unlike graduating from high school in your state. Yea, that's another jaw-dropper! Just make up a portfolio and you graduate. My wife is a former school teacher and was blown away by that. George Carlin was right on when he said, "Pretty soon all you'll need to get into college is a fucking pencil! You got a pencil? Great! It's Physics, get the fuck in there!"

About some of your recent programs. Dave Lindorff is WONDERFUL. I hope you're able to get him on more often. Also, I have learned a lot from Brother Nathanael about how those of the Jewish faith raise their kids and how they think. This business of running everything through the filter of, "Is this good for us Jews?" is very telling. For many years I have been aware of an artificial friendliness from them that I could never quite identify. It's a very strange thing, but now I know where it comes from. Tim Rifat's explanation of the difference between the 12th and the 13th tribe is Israel was also insightful.

The flower never stops opening, does it...

Thanks for the excellent programs. Take care.


UPDATE: 06 june 2008 heres another halo obama

heres a staged press photograph currently prominently displayed on the drudge report (see link).

this photograph is designed to subliminally suggest to the viewer that barack obama has a holy aura or is superhuman.

george bush with 'devil horns.'